Partner Interview-Rebekah

Ian Bobco
Interview Rap

Her name is Rebekah
She like domino’s pizza
She has no sisters
But has two brothers
She like the Hunger Games
But hates tight spaces
Rebekah loves blue and purple
She makes YouTube Videos
And has one dog
But sadly she doesn’t play any sports
But watches people on the courts

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Partner Interview-Ellie

Partner Interview
by: Mackenzie Clark
Ellie likes the subject ELA,
Her favorite color is Teal,
Her favorite dish is Pasta with Alfredo Sauce,
She has an older brother (15),
She wants to be a Veterinarian or a Teacher,
Ellie is Elven,
She has 2 Dogs,
She likes to listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction,
and likes to Swim and do Gymnastics

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Partner Interview- Willie

Bodi Young
Yo you like pizza bro and you like green same as me
And your favorite place to eat at is Mickey Ds and when you’re done with Mickey Ds you just want to go home and watch Regular show oh and did ya know that your boy like playing Basketball I mean his like a lion on the court oh and you don’t want to play him on madden 16 because you’ll be beat.

To: Willie

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Steelers vs 49’ers

The Pittsburgh steelers and the San Francisco 49’ers face off at Heinz field in Pennsylvania.The Steelers at home vs the San Francisco 49’ers away in a game where the odds are unlike.The San Francisco 49’ers had won their first game and the Pittsburgh Steelers had lost their first game.The steelers had an upper hand with playing at home.The San Francisco 49’ers were the underdogs because they had not practiced or been to Heinz Field.

The 49’ers opened the game up with a 65 yard punt by Bradley Pinion.It was first and 10 they run the ball with Deangelo Williams for no gain.Then a pass for 2 yards to Roosevelt Nix puting them at the Steelers 22.Pass to Miller Wheaton at the steelers 25 because of a penalty.After that penalty the 49’ers fans were ajitated.Ben Roethlisberger pass deep left to A.Brown to PIT 48 for 28 yards.San Francisco challenged the pass completion ruling, and the play was Upheld. The ruling on the field was confirmed.Ben Roethlisberger pass incomplete short left to Antonio Brown. Coverage by #57 Wilhoite.Ben Roethlisberger pass deep right to M.Wheaton to SF 33 for 19 yards T.Brock
B.Roethlisberger pass short right to D.Heyward-Bey to SF 34 for -2 yards (T.Brock). Penalty on Pittsburgh C.Wallace, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at SF 34.

By this time the crowd was ecstatic. The game at halftime was in the steelers favor San Francisco 3 Pittsburgh 29.After that the 49’ers went on a 6 play drive off topunt it.At this point the 49’ers had lost hope,and so had the crowd.The 49’ers punted for 40 yards to the steelers 43.The steelers ran for only 3 plays then having to punt.There was a punt for 46 yards to the 49’ers 10.On the 49’ers next drive they went 18 plays but only getting into goal range.They went for it on first down but missed the throw.The 49’ers crowd was dead or they had left.The steelers crowd on the other hand had the most wild crowd yet.They wenrt back and forth until the game ended with a score of San Francisco with 18 and Pittsburgh with 43.

At the end of the game it became a huge loss for the 49’ers and a great win for the Steelers.

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Pistons Defeat the Celtics\
Gabriel Triplett
It was a good start for the Celtics they were able to score 25 points the first quarter the pistons were able to squeeze in 18. But by the 4th quarter the pistons had to tie the game. Turner hit a short jumper with 19.3 seconds left and was fouled by Morris. He made the free throw, pulling Boston with the score of 114-113.
Morris was fouled and made both shots, and after Jerebko missed an open layup at the other end, Pope made it a five-point game with two free throws. As Thomas hit a 3-pointer with 4 seconds left, matching his career high of 38 points, and then Jackson only made one of two free throws. Jackson finished with 23 points, including 14 in the third quarter. Andre Drummond had 16 points and 12 rebounds but Sullinger had 17 points and 10 rebounds for Boston. Drummond started with one of his worst halves this season, getting two rebounds and two points and going 0 for 4 from the free-throw line.
But with 5 seconds left in the second quarter, he rebounded a missed shot, dribbled tentatively up the court and knocked down a half-court shot at the buzzer for a 55-52 lead. Luckily Detroit led 72-63 midway through the third; at which point Stevens had the Celtics begin to intentionally foul Drummond which goes to show they didn’t want him on court. He went 3 of 6 from the line, including an air ball, before Gundy brought Baynes off the bench. That helped Boston narrow the gap to 75-69, and when Baynes was forced to leave the game after getting hit in his already-broken nose, the Celtics intentionally fouled Joel Anthony. Anthony, taking his first free throws of the season bur sadly only made 1 out of 2. Which gave trainers time to stop the bleeding from Baynes’ nose, and he came back in to register a three-point play that helped Detroit keep an 85-83 lead going into the fourth it was a blessing that his nose was fixed. For a brief moment Celtics lead but-Pope answered with a jumper, a steal and a dunk to help the Pistons regain the lead. Later on Toliver had nothing but back to- back 3 pointers which made it 97-85 with 8 minutes left. Jerebko hit three 3-pointers against Celtics. It was a well-played game but in the end the Pistons were able to push the Celtics out of their way.

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The Bobcats Vs The Cougars

The Bobcats VS The Cougars
The Cougars won the first round of the NCAA tournament against the Bobcats in four sets. They needed this win to advance in the tournament.
Amy Boswell got things started for the Cougars in the first set with three kills to give the Cougars a 3-2 lead. The teams traded kills until Bobcats pulled away on errors, taking a 9-6 lead. Attack errors from the Bobcats brought the Cougars within one, but the Bobcats added two blocks to take a 12-9 edge. The Bobcats added three kills to take the score to 15-11. A pair of kills from Danelle Parady brought the score within two, but back-to-back defensive stands from the Bobcats gave it an 18-14 advantage. Kills from Cosy Burnett, Alexa Gray and Boswell kept the Cougars in the game at 20-17, but the Bobcat defense stood strong behind kills from Mallory Salis and Ali Lake to win the game 25-19.
Kills from Gray and Boswell gave the Cougars an early 3-1 lead in the second set. The teams traded kills until back-to-back aces from Alohi Robins-Hardy gave the Cougars a 10-6 advantage. Two blocks from the Bobcats brought the score back to 10-all. Veronica Jones gave the Cougars the lead again on a kill from the right side, and Lacy Haddock would add an ace to put the Cougars up by four, 14-10. Gray’s solo block kept the Cougars 5-0 run alive before a kill from Salis ended the run, and the Bobcats won the next four points. Kills from Parady and Gray took the score to 17-14, but strong defense from the Bobcats brought the score back within a point. The teams traded kills again until a Gray kill gave the Cougars a 20-18 lead. Haddock’s kill extended the Cougars lead to three before back-to-back errors brought the advantage down to one. A kill down the middle from Whitney Young Howard then gave the Cougars a 24-23 lead and set point. The Cougars ended the set on a Boswell kill to get the 25-23 win.
Gray started off the third set with two kills and two aces to give the Cougars a 6-4 early edge. Haddock added a kill and a block with Boswell to extend the Cougars lead to four. The Bobcats won the next three points, but the Cougars answered with a 5-0 run before a Salis kill made the score 13-9, Cougars. Gray and Burnett kills then followed to give the Cougars a 16-10 lead. The teams traded points until a block from Howard and Gray gave them a 22-15 lead. The Cougars closed out the third set on a Gray kill, 25-17.
The fourth set saw a lot of back-and-forth action between the teams. The Cougars got things going early with a kill each from Gray and Boswell and a block from the pair to take a 3-1 lead. The teams traded points until an error on the Cougars and a kill from Abby Gilleland tied the game at 7-all. A block for Salis and Karin Bull then gave the Bobcats a 15-12 lead, the largest of the set. Burnett’s kill and a couple of errors on the Bobcats knotted the score back at 15 apiece. Points were traded again, and at 18-18, Gray’s kill put the Cougars in front 19-18. The Bobcats won the next two points, and the Cougars won the following three to bring the game to 22-21. The Bobcats tied the score again at 24-all. Haddock recorded a kill to make it 25-24, and Salis hit a kill wide right to end the set and the match at 26-24.
“What a great volleyball match, with a great crowd and great energy. I can’t say enough about Ohio’s team and its coaching staff. They played a fantastic match. We’re excited to be advancing, but what a great game.” Said the Cougars coach Heather Olmstead.
In the end, the Cougars and the Bobcats played a close game. The Cougars did a great job and won the game. The Bobcats did a great job too and hopefully they will do better next game.

Written by: Isabella Bryant

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Sports Story about…



hannah smalley

On Monday ,December 14th, the game between the Red Wings and the Buffalo Sabres was quite intense but at the end of the game , the Red Wings lost the score was 2-1.

“After the game, the best team are the ones that are great defensively and offensively” Blashill said ,“To get to that level, we’re starting to slide too much on the spectrum towards real good offense but not good enough defensively.”The Wings would like a limit to the opposition scoring opportunities.

The Wings had one power play opportunity in the period, but the Sabres penalty killers managed to keep the home team on the perimeter without a single shot on goalie Chad Johnson. Though Green, playing in his 600th game as an NHL defenseman, came the closest to delivering the puck to the net. His shot from inside the left face-off circle hit the post behind Johnson.

Some of the players commented…
Henrik Zetterberg said, “It is disappointing to get out of this game with nothing.” Petr Mrazek said, “It’s always a tough loss when you’re up with five minutes left in the game and they score two right in the third period. So that shouldn’t happen, but you know, that’s how it is and we cannot chance it anymore.”

Everyone was surprised when the team lost but, the RED WINGS aren’t happy that they lost ,but they had fun playing against the Buffalo Sabres.

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The Famous Michigan vs. Michigan State game

Gabriel Maier
Sports Story
MI vs. MS 2015 Oct.17

There were ten seconds left in the Michigan vs. Michigan State 2015 game, and then the most unpredictable, most unbelievable thing happened! Watts-Jackson grabs the ball and cradles it in his body and then runs to the end zone when it was supposed to putted the other way! “That’s why football is loved so much in America.” said Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio. Every Michigan fan, at the game, hated this amazing feat. One, UofM fan, was so surprised he actually had a heart attack and someone gave him mouth to mouth.
Watts-Jackson dislocated his hip when all of his teammates piled on top of him.
He was then rushed to the hospital scarcely getting a glimpse of all the ruckus he created this was a sad day for the oh so great Wolverines, but a great one for the mighty Spartans! After the loss of The University of Michigan police reported several fires luckily they were small. Many will agree whether you’re for Michigan or State the game was an astonishing one we soon won’t forget!

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Thanksgiving game recap by: Makenzie rearick
Did you watch the game on Thanksgiving, if you did not watch the game well here is a recap about the game and some of the amazing plays that were made! Before that we vs the Philadelphia Eagles if you were wondering.
First you are going to read about some of the important highlights. One of the important highlight was that there were a lot of injures throughout the game. One was that was where someone got knocked out. This is a very good played made by Calvin Johnson. Including some touch downs throughout the game.
My opinion about how they played as a team is that they made it work out with no trouble. The reason it work out is because the ended up with a score of 45 and the Philadelphia Eagles team had 14. Also they made up a good game plan that made things turned out right.
In conclusion, is what my opinion is about how the game turned out and what was some of the good plays and highlights. Hope you thought this is an interesting sports story.

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